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Why Choose Our Product?

Accepting mobile credit card processing with our phone swipe has become the payment processing source of sales transactions for countless businesses. Whatever your type of merchant account is whether it's Merchandise or selling services, now a sale is at the palm of your hand. Business owners are familiar with the traditional credit card processing and debit methods requiring merchant accounts, such as standard and wireless terminals.

Basic platform based terminals are still the most common way business transactions are completed today, and are by no means being phased out any time soon. However, they will be taking a back seat to an innovative new technology method that will change the way you process a sale and increase your bottom line. Our product will do more for you as a business owner than traditional processing, allowing businesses to track and keep inventory, receive next day funds, lower rates and market your business with no additional cost using OurPhoneSwipe. It's literally a mobile POS system with all the functions of a standalone system.

How Does It Work?

By using mobile devises such as smart phones, tablets and our free phone swipe reader, our phone swipe now has the world of credit card processing literally in the palm of their hands. The application process is easier then setting up other traditional terminals. Business owners provide basic information about their company to be approved by our phone swipe agents.

This is not a product that is only made for small business owners, large corporations across the nation are starting to use this type of technology already because they see the direction this industry is turning into. Once the application is approved, they are prompted to log onto our site and set up a virtual access point that will register which employees will have permission to complete credit or debit card transactions and processing. We provide a list of cellular phones that are compatible with the software which typically include popular Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and Droid models. Which you can read about on our web site.

How Does It Improve My Company?

The advantages of this technology have far exceeded the capabilities of other credit terminals and old fashioned processing. The option of handheld processing eliminates the requirement for retailers to purchase expensive counter top equipment, no fees, low rates and best part no more leases and dealing with sales reps, annoying phone calls telling you how great there rates are.

Each sale instantly email or text message the customers with an electronic receipts with all your company info. Also being able to keep an Inventory list along with descriptions and pictures of your products is a great advantage. Google maps is an example of how this application was intended to be a fully-functional business solution, rather than a stand a alone Credit card terminal. Unlike the Square or SquareUp ,Our Phone Swipe card reader is fully encrypted. One of the most substantial benefits to this form of receiving funds is the flexibility to conduct business wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.

By using the Internet connection from the cellular phone or mobile device, businesses are able to continue their transactions wheather they have electricity or cell signal. So for example if your in an area in which there isn't any cellular service, no worries. By swiping the card our phone swipe will store the information until you are able to receive a cell signal at a later time. Many travel-based companies are utilizing this system, which can safely be labeled one of the most influential tools ever introduced to the trade show, kiosk, entertainment, food, and Taxi industries. A combination of portability, user-friendliness, time and cost effectiveness make the cellular credit terminal an outstanding contribution to technology, convenience, and the way we conduct business as a society. There is so many benefits to our product and it will only be a matter of time until we add more to our phone swipe.

If you are processing more than $500.00 tickets per sell our risk department will send you an email and it's important to contact us, as we may need more information (Bank statements etc). Due to the fraudulism in this industry we want to do good business with our partners and your customers. We want you to be able to process as much as you want as this is a true merchant account that you will have forever, unlike our competitors.